Training : Climate Change, Disease and Sustainability

10 April 2019

Dr. Katharina Kepprel, Africa One trainers, taught for two days in School of International Training at Zanzibar,Tanzania a module on climate change and health and sustainable action using the One Health approach. his is an essential module for students working towards any health system profession.

This training was for 1 scientist and 9 Masters students from Uganda, the US and Canada. School of International Training.

 It covers two main modules: climate risks and human diseases in coastal areas (particularly in the Indian Ocean region) (i) and sustainable mitigation efforts using the One Health approach (ii).

The goal was to get participants to understand the link between climate and infectious diseases in humans. Also, to assess the risk factors for infectious disease in coastal settings due to climate change and how to mitigate them using the One Health approach. Finally, evaluate scenarios of sustainable mitigation efforts targeting disease risks due to climate change.

The students learnt about the link between environment and disease risks in the Indian ocean basin. They were introduced to the One Health approach as a means to address challenges and mitigate the effects of climate change on health.

Climate change in the Indian Ocean Basin is affecting Health negatively and One Health approach is the most promising way to tackle theses challenges.







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