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Call for Afrique One-REACH Postdoc fellowships 2023 

                      Research Programme in Data Science, Statistics and Modeling (DSSM). More information, click on the link below ⬇️

Call for Afrique One-REACH fellowships 2023 


Afrique One-REACH aims to fill up to 50 fellowship positions 5 Postdocs (24 months), 24 PhDs (36-48 months), 12 MSc (12-24 months), 9 trainees (MD, DVM, IING, BSc, 12 months) with a gender ratio 1:1 (50% female and 50% male fellows). More information, click here 👉🏽 

Call for Afrique One-ASPIRE PhD fellowships 

on health research leadership 


The research consortium Afrique One-ASPIRE (African Science Partnership for Intervention Research Excellence) is seeking to recruit a PhD fellow with a background in social sciences for the theme “Building research leadership in resource-limited settings in Africa”.

Deadline for applications: 12th February 2018

ReferenceProject titleMore details
PhD CoordinationBuilding health research leadership in resource-limited settings in AfricaCall for PhD_Building health research leadership in Africa Call for PhD fellowship

Call for Afrique One-ASPIRE fellowships 

on canine rabies elimination [closed]

The research consortium Afrique One-African Science Partnership for Intervention Research Excellence (ASPIRE) is seeking to recruit 2 Master Fellows for its Thematic Training Programme on canine rabies elimination.

Submit the application with the fellowship reference number to by July 15th, 2016 5 pm GMT. Candidates that are selected for the next stage will be invited for an interview at Afrique One-ASPIRE institutions in their respective countries or where most convenient.

ReferenceProject titleMore details
TTP1-Rabies-MSc2Evaluation of One Health surveillance approaches to increase the proportion of rabies ascertained human exposure and improve outbreak responseCall for TTP1-Rabies-MSc2
TTP1-Rabies-MSc3Exploring successful determinants for dog vaccination campaigns and population control measures using a mixed methods approachCall for TTP1-Rabies-MSc3

First Call for Afrique One-ASPIRE fellowships  [closed]

Selected candidates notified.

Afrique One-ASPIRE received over 400 applications. We thank everyone for their interest.

Successful candidates have been informed by a notification letter from the Director.

The list of selected candidates is below

TTPPositionCandidates selectedCountry
RabiesPostdocPrisca NdourSenegal
PhDVessaly KalloCôte d'Ivoire
PhDAhmed Kambinda LugeloTanzania
PhDKennedy LushasiTanzania
PhDChristian Tetteh DuamorGhana
MScLwitiko Elton SikanaTanzania
BrucellaPostdocColetha MathewTanzania
PostdocBrou Richard YapiCôte d'Ivoire
PhDAbdul-Hamid LukambagireTanzania
PhDJames Miser AkokoKenya
PhDStéphane-Alain Yoro BaboCôte d'Ivoire
PhDCaroline Mwihaki Ng'ang'aKenya
MScRaphael Mwampashi
MScSoulyemane TraoreMali
MScRosemystica SambuTanzania
TBPostdocGloria Ivy MensahGhana
PhDSamuel Ofori AddoGhana
PhDPeter Masunga MbeleleTanzania
PhDNicholaus Peter MnyambwaTanzania
PhDDiakourga Arthur DjibougouBurkina Faso
PhDAdiza AbassGhana
MScTogolani MayaTanzania
MScIvy Brago AmanorGhana
MScSaidi Mwinjuma MfaumeTanzania
FoodPostdocMbazi SenkoroTanzania
PostdocAbikpo Clarisse Houngbedji Côte d'Ivoire
PhDAimé Roland SanhounCôte d'Ivoire
PhDVida Yirenkyiwaa AdjeiGhana

PhDGibson Bernard Kagaruki Tanzania
PhDWedson Aifello SichalweTanzania
PhDMalik Orou SekoBenin
PhDLydie Judicaelle Aya KoffiCôte d'Ivoire
PhDArlette Olaby DindéCôte d'Ivoire
MScEster Jacob DiarzTanzania
MScTherese Debia Kossia GbokoCôte d'Ivoire
MScNuvey Francis Sena KwakuGhana
MScAbdul Gafar Victoir CoulidiatyBurkina Faso
SurveillancePostdocMahamat Fayiz AbakarTchad
PostdocZacharia MtemaTanzania
PhDGeorge SemangoTanzania
PhDWilfried Délé OyetolaCôte d'Ivoire
PhDLamireou DidiTchad
PhDPatiene Chouop KaweCameroon
PhDIsatou SarrGambia

Afrique One-ASPIRE (African Science Partnership for Intervention Research Excellence) is seeking to recruit 5 Postdoc Research Fellows, 15 PhD Fellows and 18 Master Fellows. Fellowships are designed to cover 5 Thematic Training Programs within the consortium.

Budget allocation for fellowships (budget is indicative):

The budget will comprise (i) stipend, (ii) course registration fees, (iii) research permits, ethical clearance and field costs, (iv) travel-flight-visa-insurance and interactions with supervisors, (v) basic equipment and material, (vi) miscellaneous.

• Postdoctoral Research Fellowships   120’000 – 135’000 Euros for 36 months
• Postdoctoral Training Fellowships   185’000 Euros for up to 60 months
• PhD program   45’000 – 60’000 Euros for 36–48 months
• MSc program   15’000–21’000 Euros for 24–30 months


Partly funded fellowships or field work costs for projects related to any of the five TTPs are possible in exceptional cases. Applicants will have to provide evidence of additional funding.

Application documents:

  1. CV including a list of publications and active conference participations (i.e. poster and oral presentation)
  2. Application letter describing your interest in the programme Afrique One-ASPIRE and One Health, any prior experience relevant to the proposed topic and your longer term ambitions and goals (max. 2 pages)
  3. Contact information of two academic referees
  4. MSc: Summary of your last qualification work (max. 500 words); PhD: one sample publication or summary of your last qualification work (max. 500 words); Postdoc: one sample publication

Submit the application with the fellowship reference number to by November 20th, 2016 5 pm GMT. Candidates that are selected for the next stage will be invited for an interview at Afrique One-ASPIRE institutions in their respective countries or where most convenient.

Fellowship potential starting date: From January 2017

More information:


Phone: +225 89 40 31 52

Website: /

Fellowship reference number Project Title Academic Position More Details
TTP1: Canine rabies control and elimination All
TTP2: Brucellosis control and prevention All
TTP3: Mycobacterial infection and control (i.e. tuberculosis and Buruli ulcer) All
TTP4: Food-borne diseases and nutritional illnesses All
TTP5: Human and animal disease surveillance-response system All
PDTF-NM-AIST Post-Doctoral Training Fellowship (PDTF) in East Africa Postdoc
TTP5-Surveillance-Response-PhD2 Zoonotic disease surveillance-response in nomadic pastoralists in Sub-Saharan African countries: the role of human-animal disease surveillance integration systems in zoonosis control. PhD
TTP5-Surveillance-Response-PhD3 Cost analysis of integrated disease surveillance and response systems in Sub-Saharan Africa PhD
TTP5-Surveillance-Response-MSc3 Human–animal brucellosis control in nomadic pastoralist: the impact of an integrated intervention in the reporting and treatment of new human cases and removal of infected animals from the herds MSc
TTP5-Surveillance-Response-MSc2 Establishing surveillance systems for human and livestock abortion: etiology, impact and the design of interventions MSc
TTP5-Surveillance-Response-MSc1 Human–animal tuberculosis control in nomadic pastoralists: the role of communities and new technologies in the detection of new cases MSc
TTP5-Surveillance-Response-PhD1 The use of mobile phones for integrated zoonotic disease surveillance in pastoralist Maasai in northern Tanzania PhD
TTP5-Surveillance-Response-PDF New tools for integration of animal disease surveillance into existing HDSS in Sub-Saharan Africa Postdoc
TTP4-Food-MSc5 Livestock product infections and drug resistance patterns in rural and urban settings MSc
TTP4-Food-MSc4 Socio-ecology of bush meat consumption and zoonoses in the Serengeti ecosystem and the value chain outside of Serengeti MSc
TTP4-Food-MSc3 Socio-behavioural risks affecting the control of cysticercosis and toxoplasmosis in pastoral communities MSc
TTP4-Food-MSc2 Significance of animals to people in different cultural setting: trauma and mental health implications MSc
TTP4-Food-MSc1 Association of eating red meat and emergence of NCDs in two African populations MSc
TTP4-Food-PhD3 Socioeconomic analysis of behaviour change intervention in food borne diseases PhD
TTP4-Food-PhD2 The role of pastoral nutritional systems in early childhood and risk factors of emergence of NCDs in adults PhD
TTP4-Food-PhD1 Development of an innovative surveillance tool for predicting and evaluating the risks of FBDs and NCDs PhD
TTP4-Food-PDF1 Development of innovative surveillance tools for predicting and evaluating the risks of FBDs and NCDs Postdoc
TTP3-Mycobacteria-PhD/MSc Bio-molecular techniques to differentiate mycobacterial species with zoonotic potential to determine drug susceptibility patterns and advise on policy changes on existing treatment options. PhD/MSc
TTP3-Mycobacteria-PDF1 Identification and assessment of new diagnostic strategies for mycobacterial infections PDF
TTP2-Brucellosis-MSc6 Molecular characterisation of Brucella species infecting livestock in northern Tanzania MSc
TTP2-Brucellosis-MSc5 Socioeconomic, institutional and policy determinants for the control and elimination of brucellosis in Africa MSc
TTP2-Brucellosis-MSc4 The role of wildlife in the transmission of brucellosis in humans and animals MSc
TTP2-Brucellosis-MSc3 Role of different livestock husbandry systems in the spread of brucellosis in animals and humans in Africa MSc
TTP2-Brucellosis-MSc2 Investigating the socio epidemiologic and behavioural drivers of brucellosis to inform strategies for control and elimination in Africa. MSc
TTP2-Brucellosis-MSc1 Investigating the effectiveness of sniffer rats in the diagnosis of brucellosis in human and livestock MSc
TTP2-Brucellosis-PhD3 Assessing people’s knowledge and perceptions on causality, syndromes, transmission and treatment pathways of brucellosis PhD
TTP2-Brucellosis-PhD2 Host-pathogen associations in Sub-Saharan Africa PhD
TTP2-Brucellosis-PhD1 Development and field-testing of novel brucellosis diagnostic tests for human populations and livestock PhD
TTP2-Brucellosis-PDF1 Quantitative analysis and modelling of the epidemiology and control of endemic brucellosis in Sub-Saharan Africa PDF
TTP1-Rabies-PDF The relationship of dog density, social network of dogs, human demography and socio-cultural background in regard to rabies transmission Postdoc
TTP1-Rabies-PhD4/PDF Estimation of the cost of rabies to society in Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Chad and elaboration of the cost of rabies elimination in West and Central Africa PhD/Postdoc
TTP1-Rabies-MSc3 Exploring of success determinants for dog vaccination campaigns and population control measures with the help of a mixed methods approach. MSc
TTP1-Rabies-MSc2 Evaluation of One Health surveillance approaches to increase the proportion of rabies ascertained human exposure and improve outbreak response. MSc
TTP1-Rabies-PhD3 Evaluation of community-directed rabies intervention strategies PhD
TTP1-Rabies-PhD2 One Health surveillance approaches to guide rabies elimination PhD
TTP1-Rabies-PhD1 Investigating the potential of thermostable rabies vaccine to improve strategies for rabies control and elimination in Africa. PhD
TTP1-Rabies-MSc1 Preliminary research on family aspects of dog care in rural Tanzania to inform rabies prevention interventions MSc
Reference Project Title Academic Position Learn More

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