Radio broadcast “Living with COVID-19 “

Date: Saturday 15 August from 16 to 17 GMT Event Place: 92.6FM Radio Taabo and facebooklive sur

 Afrique One-ASPIRE with the support of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) launches the project “Living with COVID-19” in the cities of Cote d’Ivoire. First stage Taabo.
It is a community engagement program for rural populations.
One hour, to exchange with them on their perception of COVID-19 and also to give them the information that can help them to be actors in the fight against the pandemic.

Researchers (nutritionist, veterinarian, microbiologist and sociologist) from Afrique One-ASPIRE programme will be available to respond to the concerns of the populations. You will be able to follow the facebook live on Afrique One-ASPIRE and send us your questions at the WhatsApp number 89-40-31-52.

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