Surveillance of emergent diseases: Afrique One-ASPIRE accompanies EISMV in setting up a wild life management master programme

20 August 2017

The ‘Ecole Inter-Etats des Sciences Médicales Vétérinaires’ (EISMV) de Dakar, Senegal, will launch a wild life management master programme in November 2017 which will offer two special courses: wild life veterinary medicine and wild life epidemio-surveillance. Afrique One-ASPIRE contributes to the elaboration of this master programme by defining the contents of the courses.

From 14 to 18 August 2017 a workshop on wildlife curriculum mapping was held in Dakar. The main goal of this workshop was to prepare the future master programme on wild life management at EISMV. As outcomes, the competences to be acquired by future trainees and the learning objectives of each speciality were defined.

Dr Aurelie Cailleau took part in this workshop as the training coordinator of Afrique One-ASPIRE. She also represented Prof Bassirou Bonfoh, the Director of Afrique One-ASPIRE and Chair of the EISMV scientific advisory board. Dr Aurelie was accompanied by Dr Prisca Ndour, an Afrique One-ASPIRE fellow.

All workshop participants are experts in wildlife management and in the disciplines to be taught in the future master programme. They came from EISMV, Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania), Tufts University (USA), Université de Lumumbashi (RDC) Direction des Eaux et Forêts (Senegal).

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